Successfully Advertising Your Home For Rent

Successfully Marketing Your Property For Lease

Everybody has a dream home that they aspire to purchase someday – a place where they can live without any worries or troubles. At Corfu Green Dream, we work hard to fulfill your dream of owning a beautiful Corfu property. We are one of the most renowned Corfu estate agents in the entire island of Corfu.

Successfully Advertising Your Home For Rent

We only use the best and high quality material to build houses and each of the structures constructed by us is in accordance with all the safety norms. We ensure that once you move in, you are not forced to make any changes in the house. From the material to build the structure to paint on the walls, everything will be matched up to your standards of quality.

Cyprus Property for sale can offer you anywhere on the southern side of Cyprus, the villa of your dreams. Look at a Cyprus geographical map, and choose your location. If you are into partying then why not look at Ayia Napa, which is the clubbing base of Cyprus. A villa here can demand high rental prices during the peak summer months.

Pictures! Browse around the Internet and vacation rental web sites and you’ll see that most of the properties have pictures with them. If the property doesn’t have a picture with it, look and see how long it’s been listed, do you want to wait that long to have renters? Pictures really sell a rental property because it allows people to get a sneak preview of what they’ll be staying in, and that gets them excited, and more willing to buy into your rental for a night, a week, or even a couple weeks. Pictures are worth a million words, they say, so look for a site that offers unlimited pictures. That way you can include as many as a renter might want of the interior, exterior and surrounding area. We’ve found that more pictures mean more inquiries.

The United States Government runs a program called Section 8 which provides housing assistance to needy people. Each county has their own Section 8 housing office. You will need to contact this office to see about advertising your vacant property. Most offices have websites where you can list your website here.

On the day I had to meet the tenants at the property to hand them the keys and perform the Pre-Move Walk-through, I decided to get there early and walk-through the house. What I found was a few weeks of neglect. The grass was overgrown in the yard, the carpets were covered in some trash and items left from some of the work that was done, and a piece of the toilet guts that were fixed was sitting in the bathtub. Needless to say this was not our best foot forward.

There is nothing illegal about charging high commissions. It has been common practice during the boom of the late nineties and early naughties to place commissions of more than 30K on most properties.

Whichever market you choose to go into, there are few investment options these days that compare in profits to that of the real estate business. As soon as you have a few properties to your name and rented out the money starts to flow in and can be counted on as regular income each month.